The 2018 Fall Middle School League Tournament is coming up this Saturday, Oct 27th at PCC Sylvania, HT Building The tournament will have four divisions playing though the day. Below you will find links to both the Master Tournament Schedule, and the Tournament Brackets for each age group.

The tournament format is a double elimination tournament, where each team is pre-seeded according to their regular season record. Each match will be one game to 25 pts. If you keep winning, you keep playing. Once your team has lost two matches, you have been eliminated from the tournament. If you have only lost one match, you still have a chance to fight your way back into the championship match!

NOTE: Please make sure to arrive early enough to warm up prior to the tournament start, even if you don't play first.  You can view potential play schedule by looking at the bracket for your age group and predicting how you will proceed through the tournament (Red numbers inside each bracket are Court #'s and Time of Match).  TIMES ARE ONLY VALID FOR FIRST MATCHES ON THE BRACKET.  AFTER THAT GAMES START WHEN THE PREVIOUS GAME ENDS.

6th Rec 1st Round Schedule:

WL 6th Green vs SH 6th Black @ 11:00 - Ct 1
SH 6th Red vs WV 6th Blue @ 11:00 - Ct 2

6th Rec Division Bracket:

6th Rec Division Champion:
7/8 REC 1st Round:

WL 7/8 Green vs TU 7/8 Red @ 10:00 - Ct 3
SH 7/8 Black vs TT 7/8 Green @ 10:00 - Ct 4
SH 7/8 Red vs WV 7/8 Blue @ 10:30 - Ct 3
TT 7/8 White vs TBD @ 10:30 - Ct 4

7/8 REC Division Bracket:

7/8 Rec Gold Division Champion:
Select "Platinum" 1st Round:

LO White vs Sherwood Red @ 9:00 - Ct 2
West Linn vs LO Black @ 9:00 - Ct 1

Select "Platinum" Division Bracket:

Select "Platinum" Division Champion:
Select "Gold" 1st Round Schedule:

Sherwood Black vs Tualatin @ 9:00 - Ct 4
Wilsonville vs Tigard @ 9:00 - Ct 3

Select "Gold" Division Bracket:

Select "Gold" Division Champion:


Coaches Appreciation & Gifts

Please remember that all of your coaches are volunteer.  We suggest getting the team together and purchasing a gift or card for your coach and assistant coach.  YVBA Leagues could not exist without their selfless donation of time and energy to make this a great experience for your kids.  Please make sure to thank them at the tournament.

Water Only in the Gym

There is NO FOOD ALLOWED on the gym floors or in the bleachers.  We only allow water on the courts with the players.  Please eat all food outside the gym, and leave any garbage in the proper garbage cans.

General Thoughts

Remember that the tournament is for the kids to have FUN, and get a chance to experience a real tournament environment.  Please teach them to be courtious  to other coaches, refs, players and staff.  We want all our players to display good sportsmanship in a loss or a win.  As parents and spectators, please try to model the same behavior.

We hope you all have a great tournament!!